May 18, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Meeting was held at 8 to 8 Cigar.

Meeting opened at 8:00 pm.

New Members:Khyle DavidAvi

Birthdays were celebrated.Mike had B-56 cigars for our birthday boys.

Wounded Warriors was able to raise $1500 from this year’s show. 

Allan thanked all those who volunteered to help run the show.

A four year contract was signed with Pheasant Run.

There were many concerns voiced with the resort’s overall state of management and disrepair. Concerns were noted and will be voiced to the resort’s upper management.

Next Meeting dates: 

  • 6/29
  • 7/20
  • 8/17

All to be held at 8 to 8.

Special Social Smoke at Iwan Reis: 7/27 – starting around 2ish.

Further Social Smokes will be forth coming: