August 21, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 7pm

Old Business:

  • None

New Business:

  • We are sad to announce the club and pipe community has suffered two broken
    pipes. John Goldberg and Chuck Rio have passed and will be missed very dearly
    by all the CPCC.
  • We are currently working on a new website! Keep your eyes open for more
    information in coming emails and meetings!
  • We wanted to wish Bob Pecorini and his wife Mary good luck in their move to
    Florida! Thank you Pecorinis for all your love and support of the club throughout
    the years!
  • Negotiations for a new CPCC Pipe Show location are currently ongoing. The
    show board hopes to have more information at the next meeting.

We celebrated a birthday from August:

  • Heather Walker- August 31st
  • John Winton- August 17th
  • Glen Baskin- August 10th

Raffle winners:

  • $80- Heather Walker
  • $40- Jason Paliatka
  • $40- Dino Argyropoulos

Next Meeting is on Saturday, September 25th at Arlington Pipe and Cigar Lounge at 7pm!

Meeting adjourned at 7:21p