October 22, 2016 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 8pm at the 8 to 8 cigar shop in Villa Park, IL. After birthdays and guests were acknowledged, member Pat Murphy announced that he would not be attending next month’s meeting. After the cheering died down, he explained that he would be in England meeting with British pipe smokers in London and out in the countryside. Given the draconian limitations imposed by law on British pipe smokers, Pat’s report on his trip should be interesting when he returns home. Craig Cobine reported that the exhibit cases for next year’s Show will be complete as he has found exhibitors and that Paronelli Pipes will be attending next year’s show for what I believe is the first time. Craig mentioned that Paronelli Pipes supports a tobacco pipe museum in Italy. It will be interesting to see if any historical items will be shown at the Show.

On a very sad note, Craig informed the Club that our longtime exhibitor and pipe dealer/enthusiast Anthony Soderman recently passed away. Tony Soderman was a member of the International Charatan Collectors Society and always had a large inventory of high end pipes for sale at the Show. He had many friends and admirers in the hobby. He will be missed by many.

Our next CPCC meeting at 8 to 8 is scheduled for Saturday, November 19th.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Bender

Acting President/Chicagoland Pipe Collectors Club