June 13, 2020 Club Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held at Arlington Pipe and Cigar.Meeting Opened at 8.

We have not set a date yet for July. Please wait for an update once the date and location is confirmed.

There was no old business to discuss.

Announcement was made regarding elections for club officers. Allen Boyd will be stepping down as president. Tim Garrity has volunteered to run for club president. Paul Bender has volunteered to continue serving as club treasurer. We have two candidates for Vice President: Chris “Herm” Hartman & Ron Pecorini. Amu Torres has volunteered to serve as club secretary.

If any active member is interested in any of these officer positions, please send your name and a brief introduction to Tim Garrity. 

Elections will be held at our July meeting.

Show Update:The show officers will be meeting to continue planning for next year’s show.

James Connelly, from Stem and Briar will be hosting an informal pipe show and party in August at his home in Oak Creek Wisconsin.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Tim Garrity so he can coordinate carpooling and other logistics.