September 23, 2017 Meeting Minutes

The September, 2017 meeting of the Chicagoland Pipe Collectors Club was called to order promptly at 8pm on the 23rd at 8 to 8 Cigar in Villa Park, IL. Gift cards were handed out to those volunteers at this year’s Chicago Show who had not yet received them. We want to thank all those members who gave of their time and energy helping out at the 2017 Show this past May. There is so much more to do than just what the Show officers can handle that it is vital that Club members chip in and help out when they can. If you haven’t worked a couple of hours or more at the Show, please consider doing so next year. It will be appreciated.

Sad news was given on the death of Steven Books, a noted tobacco blender from the House of Calabash in Oregon. It is our understanding that the shop was closed for the past several months due to Steve’s failing health and that only online orders were being taken and filled. Steve Books was an acknowledged master tobacco blender and will be missed in the hobby.  It was reported that members Judd Pearlson and Rex Poggenpohl represented the Club at the recent Columbus and Kansas City pipe shows. Thanks, guys. Show Director Craig Cobine reported 215 tables currently sold for next year’s Show at Pheasant Run in St. Charles, IL. Mike Khalil gave information on recent issues with the FDA’s attempts to control premium cigars and pipe tobacco. The issuance of final rules has been postponed until August of 2021. There is currently pending legislation before the Senate to exempt premium cigars from federal regulation. A bill has been passed by the House of Representatives and is now before the Senate. More information can be found on the Cigar Rights of America website and, I suspect, on other sites as well. Let’s hope that this bill also includes relief for pipe tobacco producers as well.

The next meeting will be at 8 to 8 Cigar on October 21st. It’s pizza night! Oh, also, if you are planning on bringing your wife or lady friend to the Christmas party ( I could make some bad jokes here, but I won’t) at our December meeting on the 16th, please let me know so that proper numbers can be given to the caterer to provide ample food.

Future meeting dates for 2017 are:

October 21st

November 18th

December 16th

2018 dates:

January 20th

February 17th

March 24th

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Bender

Secretary/Chicagoland Pipe Collectors Club

July 22, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at “exactly” 8pm at 8 to 8 Cigar in Villa Park, IL. Our newest member, Mr. Dan Woods was introduced to the members. “Welcome aboard, Dan.” Chuck Martin gave a Show report indicating that while not all tables are sold out as yet, reservations continue to come in and all looks good for next year. Show Director Emeritus Frank Burla was absent due to family commitments while Show Director Craig Cobine was absent due to continuing health concerns. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Craig for a final and lasting resolution to his health issues over the past two years. “All the best to you, Craig, from all of your fellow enthusiasts in the Chicagoland Pipe Collectors Club.” Discussions ensued about inserting a place on the Club website for comments and recommendations from members and friends regarding Club and Show activities. This will be taken up at the next board meeting along with other recommendations and issues recently voiced by several members.

Our good friend and fellow member, Dino Argyropoulos’ church, St. Demetrious Church located in the Lincoln Square area of Chicago at 2727 W. Winona St. is having it’s annual “Lincoln Square Greek Fest” with Greek food, music and plenty of ouzo to go around, according to Dino who tends bar there for the event. All are welcome to come and enjoy on August 18, 19 and 20th. Opaa!

Meeting dates:

August 26th

September 23rd

October 21st

November 18th

December 16th

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Bender


Chicagoland Pipe Collectors Club

March 18, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 8:02 pm on 3/18/17 at 8 to 8 Cigar in Villa Park, IL. Various possible developments regarding pending FDA regulations of premium cigars and pipe tobacco were discussed. Posters for the upcoming Chicago Show were given along with flyers for the Show to those members who are able to distribute these items to various tobacco shops in the general Chicago area. The question came up as to other hotels in the St. Charles area that would have available rooms for Show attendees as Pheasant Run is apparently fully booked for the Show. It was suggested that those interested in finding alternate lodgings should go to the St. Charles website for information on hotels in the area. Craig Cobine indicated that a coupon book would be presented to all Show attendees paying full admission that would allow them to receive tobacco samples and other tobacco items at the Show as part of the entry fee. It was announced that the pipe making seminar is now all sold out. It was also announced that a new event, a meerschaum pipe making seminar will also be held with spaces currently available. The membership was informed that the Saturday night dinner event at the Show will be undergoing a significant change this year. In the past, a single entry was served, consisting of a filet Mignon with appropriate side dishes for a set price which included a “goodie bag” replete with pipe tobacco, cigars and other tobacco related items that was distributed to every diner. This year, an alternate menu is being provided inclusive of a beef dish but also providing alternative chicken, fish and vegetable dishes, all at lower prices than the previous steak dinner. No goodie bags will be provided, but several boxes of cigars will be provided as door prizes. Also, the tobacco blending seminar will be held this year. There was some question about that due to the confusion surrounding the pending FDA hindrances. Full information on all of these topics can be found on our Club website. Chuck Martin distributed sign up sheets to members requesting as many members as possible volunteer and hour or two, or more during the duration of the Show to help out with various duties to make the Show run smoothly. We are asking our members to please volunteer a couple of hours when possible to help out.

As nothing worthwhile is ever easy, it was noted by Craig Cobine that a newly appointed St. Charles fire marshal has indicated new restrictions to our exhibitor table arrangements in the Expo Center. No tables are to be allowed to be placed in front of fire extinguishers and electrical outlets. Unfortunately, the fire marshal has refused to indicate on the floor plan provided by the Club, how many or which tables are to be removed leaving the Show committee with no idea of how many tables will be available for exhibitors. Repeated requests for a specific table count have gone unanswered. Let us pray.

Upcoming meeting dates:

April 22nd

May 20th

June 24th

July 22nd

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Bender

Acting President – Chicagoland Pipe Collectors Club

February 18, 2017 Meeting Minutes

This meeting of the Chicagoland Pipe Collectors Club was called to order at 8 to 8 Cigars in Villa Park, IL at precisely 8pm on February 18th, 2017. Birthday cigars were distributed to members who’s birthdays occurred in January and February of this year. Chuck Martin gave a Show report indicating that there were issues with the new municipal fire marshal in St. Charles, IL. regarding the table layout for the upcoming 2017 Chicago Show. Over a dozen tables are currently being required for removal due to proximity to fire extinguishers in the exhibit hall of the Pheasant Run resort. This may balance out, if not remitted, due to cancellations received from table holders. Chuck also passed out copies of “volunteer lists” for this year’s Show. This lists gives and hourly breakdown of each day prior to the Show from Tuesday through the end of the Show on Sunday. Members are asked to fill in their name for whatever hours on whatever days they are available to cover necessary duties during the Show from setting up equipment for various seminars at the Show to helping out at the registration desk, silent auction area and other necessary activities. Everyone who can spare some time is asked to indicate what hours on what days they can work and return the information to Chuck either by handing back the form or by emailing him at There will be a meerschaum carving seminar this year with an entry fee of $250 which covers the meerschaum block and all necessary instruction and equipment need to complete the pipe. The pipe smoking contest at the Show, which takes place on Sunday afternoon in the smoking tent was discussed. Anyone wanting to register for the contest can do so prior to the Show by going on the United Pipe Clubs of America website at The site has a page where you can register for the contest at our Show plus photos and a description of this year’s contest pipe. The entry fee is $50.00 for those belonging to a pipe club affiliated with the UPCA. If you are not a member of a club affiliated withe the UPCA, the cost is $55.00. The contest pipe, which you get to keep, is worth the money plus you may very well qualify for a prize based on your time. The next meeting dates for the club at 8 to 8 in Villa Park are March 18th and April 22nd.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul B. Bender

Acting President-Chicagoland Pipe Collectors Club

January 21, 2017 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 8:05 pm at 8 to 8 Cigar in Villa Park, IL. The St. Louis Show was discussed briefly and is taking place on 2/18 which is our next meeting date. My apologies for the conflict. However, attending a show is somewhat more important than missing one meeting. If any one from the CPCC is attending the show, please send our regards to the St. Louis club. Broadway Al Shaw (well, that’s the way he signed the attendance sheet) spoke about the next meeting of Hugo’s Companions which is a Sherlock Holmes club. The next meeting date for that group is 2/15. Contact Broadway Al for more info. Other future meeting dates are February 18th, March 18th and April 22nd at 8 to 8.
We were also very pleased to welcome three new members to the Club at the meeting. They are Kevin Schinagl, Robert Maggio and Tom Colvin. Welcome, gentlemen!

Craig Cobine was unable to attend due to his ongoing health issues, but we are hopeful that Craig will be able to make next month’s meeting and the Club sends Craig our very best wishes for his quick and complete recovery from his recent surgery. Chuck Martin gave a brief Show report where he indicated that the Saturday night dinner was being significantly modified to present a varied menu at more reasonable prices. Allow me to elaborate. For many years the Saturday night banquet at the Show, wherein the new Doctor of Pipes awards are presented, consisted of a steak dinner with all the trimmings (salad, soup, bread and dessert) accompanied by bottles of red and white wine. The meal included a “goodie bag” for each participant which was made up of premium cigars, pipe tobacco and other tobacco related items donated by companies and individuals supporting the Show. The goodie bag was worth the $70.00 charge for the meal. However, over the years, participation at the event was varied with years where the required number of 150 diners was occasionally not reached. Two of the oft quoted reasons for the spotty attendance was that the price was too high, even with the goodie bag, and that not everyone wanted a steak dinner. This year we are offering a varied menu which will provide a choice of beef, chicken, fish or vegetarian items at appreciably less cost than before. No goodie bags will be provided. Instead, we will be offering a raffle for boxes of premium cigars provided by event supporters. Anyone wanting to contribute a box of premium cigars may feel free to contact me. Also, there will be an open bar in the banquet hall where diners can purchase whatever beverages they wish. Anyone found to be unruly or disruptive during the dinner will be taken outside and forced to smoke a machine made cigar composed of synthetic binder material and filler made for chopped up leavings from full leaf filler cigars and shredded newspapers. That should teach them a lesson.

Respectfully submitted,
Paul Bender-Acting President
Chicagoland Pipe Collectors Club

November 19, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 8 to 8 cigar shop at 8pm.  Two new members where cheerfully admitted to the Club. Let’s all welcome Matthew Baker pf Roselle, IL. and Matt Glines of Volo, IL. Matt, I didn’t get your birth month for your annual birthday cigar from the Club.  Please email it to me at your convenience.  Welcome aboard, gentlemen. Chuck Martin gave a short Show report which reiterated that the coming Show is sold out with 9 on a waiting list. The St. Louis pipe show is scheduled for February 25th and 26th of 2017. Paul Bender gave a brief report on the recent West Coast pipe show in Las Vegas, NV at the beginning of November. There were over 100 tables with strong walk-in activity. The Saturday night show dinner was highlighted by Marty Pulvers giving a talk on the hobby. Mike Khalil gave an update on the current status of the forthcoming FDA regulations. These included no more sales of bulk tobacco where the customer simply selects how many ounces is wanted. Everything must be prepackaged in whatever quantities the manufacturer wants to sell. There were other changes covered in Mike’s talk that would take up a great deal of space here. Anyone interested can go to for a run down on the various pending rules scheduled to go into effect August 15th of 2017. On the bright side, there was a discussion on how the incoming administration in Washington D.C may very well be inclined to substantially mitigate the severity of the new regulations. One may hope.

The annual Iwan Riess trunk show at the shop at 19 South Wabash in the Chicago loop area is scheduled for Friday, December 2nd of this year. Also, for those who already are members of The North American Society of Pipe Collectors, or NASPC, and those who would like to become members and received their excellent magazine, The Pipe Collector, membership renewals and sign ups can be made through their website a Also, for out of town CPCC members, it’s renewal time also. Our out of state dues are $20, payable by check or money order made out to CPCC and mailed to me, Paul Bender, at 1005 E. Golfhurst Ave., Mount Prospect, IL. 60056-4322. Please do not make the check payable to me as I will only squander your money on cognac and pipe tobacco laced with large amounts of Syrian latakia. Please include your current contact information including address, telephone number and email address. If you do not want any contact information included in our online membership list, please state as much in a note with your renewal.

Here’s wishing all of our friends, members and fellow enthusiasts in the hobby a very happy Thanks Giving.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Bender-Acting President

Chicagoland Pipe Collectors Club

October 22, 2016 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 8pm at the 8 to 8 cigar shop in Villa Park, IL. After birthdays and guests were acknowledged, member Pat Murphy announced that he would not be attending next month’s meeting. After the cheering died down, he explained that he would be in England meeting with British pipe smokers in London and out in the countryside. Given the draconian limitations imposed by law on British pipe smokers, Pat’s report on his trip should be interesting when he returns home. Craig Cobine reported that the exhibit cases for next year’s Show will be complete as he has found exhibitors and that Paronelli Pipes will be attending next year’s show for what I believe is the first time. Craig mentioned that Paronelli Pipes supports a tobacco pipe museum in Italy. It will be interesting to see if any historical items will be shown at the Show.

On a very sad note, Craig informed the Club that our longtime exhibitor and pipe dealer/enthusiast Anthony Soderman recently passed away. Tony Soderman was a member of the International Charatan Collectors Society and always had a large inventory of high end pipes for sale at the Show. He had many friends and admirers in the hobby. He will be missed by many.

Our next CPCC meeting at 8 to 8 is scheduled for Saturday, November 19th.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Bender

Acting President/Chicagoland Pipe Collectors Club

September 24, 2016 Meeting Minutes

The September, 2016 meeting of the Chicagoland Pipe Collectors Club was called to order at the 8 to 8 Cigar Shop in Villa Park, IL. at 8pm. Old and New Business was called for with Hans Hansen giving a report on the recent Columbus, OH pipe show which was well attended and fun. Mr. Robert Doucet was welcomed as a new member. Frank Burla sadly reported the recent passing of Mr. Richard Dunhill of Dunhill pipes, an icon of the tobacco pipe industry and a true friend of the hobby. He will be missed by many.

Craig Cobine gave a report on the progress of next year’s Chicagoland Pipe Show. As has been previously stated, the Show is officially sold out. Craig is assembling a waiting list of those who have not yet reserved a table but wish to do so. Modified table layouts are being considered and will require the approval of local authorities in St. Charles, IL. The Club hopes to be able to provided additional tables for those wanting to attend. A question was brought up about CPCC activities when members of the Club reserve a table and attend other pipe shows. Do we sell pipes and tobacco items? No, we don’t. What is done is that one or more members will reserve a table at various pipe shows for the purpose of supporting the show they are attending and promoting our Chicagoland Show. Although we are officially sold out for next year, we still wish to support other shows with our attendance.

Mrs. Nancy Reschke, the widow of our good friend and club president Michael Reschke was in attendance at the meeting and brought with her a small number of her late husband’s Parker collection and a number of pipe racks and other items for perusal by the members. Mrs. Reschke is looking to return Mike’s sizeable collection of Parker pipes and other high end pipes back into the hands of active hobbyists/collectors along with a goodly number of pipe related items and tins of high end and in some cases vintage pipe tobacco. She can be contacted at for further information on the collection and availability of items.

I must apologize for the lack humor that has been the hallmark of Club meeting minutes since Tom Dinelli has taken over the job of Club secretary. As Tom was unable to make the meeting, someone with appreciably less wit and imagination is transcribing this month’s minutes. The next CPCC Club meeting will be held at 8 to 8 on October 22nd. Y’all come now.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Bender/Acting President

Chicagoland Pipe Collectors Club

August 13, 2016 Meeting Minutes

At our Saturday August 13th meeting at 8to8 Cigar Shop, we had 24 regular members in attendance. We also had one guest Mr. Kevin Lawinger.
September 24th: Regular meeting at 8to8 Cigar Shop 6:30-10:00 P.M.
October 22nd: “PIZZA NIGHT” at 8to8 Cigar Shop 6:30-10:00 P.M.
November 19th: Regular meeting at 8to8 Cigar Shop 6:30-10:00 P.M.
Not a whole hell of a lot went on at this month’s meeting….
None stated.
None stated.
On the Sunday of the show, the tables used for the silent auction will be converted into exhibitor tables at a reduced rate.
There MAY be a blending seminar at the 2017 show.
There are CPCC leather tobacco pouches for sale at $30.00 each. I think that there are 5 of them left. Contact Paul Bender for more information.
Allan Boyd has become a new show officer while Paul Bender is now the Assistant Show Director. Good luck to Allan and Paul in their endeavors….
I read this article put out by Forbes that I thought might interest some of you.
It was written by Frank Miniter who is a contributor to Forbes. Everything in italics is taken directly from the article, and I in no way take credit for writing this!!!
This is not the WHOLE article, but rather excerpts from it.
“Now the Obama Administration Is After Gunsmiths?”
“My gunsmith has a lathe, a drill press, even a barrel reamer. He uses them to repair guns. To him, they are like a car mechanic’s welding equipment, drill and cutter tools. He never thought drilling out a broken-off screw or grinding down a gun part to make a rifle’s action work smoother would define him as a “MANUFACTURER”. But now, according to the federal government, he is a manufacturer and is required to pay a $2,250 annual fee as mandated by the U.S. State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) regulations. This is what the Obama administration is now saying in a rule change.”
“Manta lists 15,615 gunsmiths in America today. Many of these are small shops-many of them are even side businesses for people who began tinkering with guns and then went to a gunsmith school. Requiring these people to pay $2,250 every year will drive many of them out of business or underground.”
“Imagine a gunsmith getting up from his bench, where he is busy tweaking a gun’s stock for a customer, to answer a call from the State Department demanding he pay $2,250 every year or face legal consequences, and you see why this is outrageous.”
Beginning to see where I’m going with this???
The same thing is happening right now as I write this to our “Artisan”, or individual pipe makers thanks to the F.D.A..
The F.D.A. is trying to stomp out ALL forms of tobacco products, and anything that has to do with the use of tobacco products!!!
This includes any pipe or a part thereof, if you make a bowl or a bit-YOU ARE A MANUFACTURER!!!
I’ll be able to pass along more information to you when I get back from the Columbus Show next weekend.
Bottom line, if you like a pipe from a certain maker, or one of the newer tobaccos that has come out recently, you better snag it now because who knows what the future holds for our hobby…
This is also the very last year for McClelland to produce “Christmas Cheer” or “Holiday Spirit”!!! If you can find it…

May 14th, 2016 Meeting Minutes

At our Saturday, May 14th meeting at 8 to 8 Cigar Shop, we had 24 regular members in attendance with one guest who became a member.


June 11th: Club Officer election meeting at 8 to 8 Cigar Shop  6:30-10:00 P.M.

July 16th: Regular meeting at 8 to 8 Cigar Shop  6:30-10:00 P.M.

August 13th: Regular meeting at 8 to 8 Cigar Shop  6:30-10:00 P.M.

OLD BUSINESS: None stated.

NEW BUSINESS: Craig Cobine, the CPCC Show Director, and a “Doctor of Pipes”, formally introduced an ammendment to the CPCC bylaws to add a “Master of Pipes”(copy right), award to be given at the 2017 show and thereafter. Voting on this change will be at the August meeting. If you want a copy, contact Craig at

8 to 8 Cigar Shop will be expanding by 2000 square feet next spring. The store will be expanding to the north side of the existing building, and will take over some of their parking space.


Our 2016 show was HUGE this year! We had more attendees, exhibitors, and tables than in an other year prior to this one!

We also have signed contracts with Pheasant Run through the year 2020. The rumor that this was our last show at Pheasant Run is COMPLETELY UNTRUE!!

The 2017 show is, as of this writing, SOLD OUT!! It was sold out by Sunday afternoon of this past (2016) show. This has never happened in the history of our show. However, don’t despair, we plan on adding tables to a maximum of 334 over our “normal” 304 for next year. The food court/beer garden will be moved to accommodate the table expansion. The current thinking is to move the food court to the area where we conduct the pipe making seminar on the west side of the Mega Center.

TOBACCO BLENDING SEMINAR: This seminar was very well received this year. Next year, we will have this seminar again, and possibly expand it. More information as it becomes available…

SATURDAY NIGHT “CIGAR DINNER”: Next year, our “Cigar Dinner” will be receiving a complete “makeover” even down to the name of it. The choice of food will change in that we will have a variety of entree choices. There also will not be any “goody” bags next year, but we will have some “door prizes”.

MEERSCHAUM PIPE CARVING SEMINAR: We will have a new seminar that will run for 3 days each year, over the course of 3 consecutive years. Year 1, is a paper and pencil only design of the pipe. Year 2 is to drill the tobacco chamber and airway into the block of meerschaum. This will be done with machines that the club owns. Year 3 is to carve, with hand tools only, the pipe you designed in year 1 and drilled in year 2. Yes, you get to keep the pipe. The price of this 3 year seminar is not yet determined.

Once determined, we will open for registration which will include payment for the entire 3 year course. Once started, there will be no new admissions for at least 3 years, and if you miss a year, there are no makeup classes. All payments will be refundable until a certain date, and thereafter will only be refundable if someone takes your place.

Tom Dinelli

CPCC Club Secretary