Pipe Making Seminar Registration


  1. The pipe finishing class for 12 students. $125
  2. The pipe drilling/stem fitting class for 4 students. $175, which includes the pipe finishing class.
  3. The pipe finishing class includes a pre-drilled block which you will finish under the guidance of our professional pipe makers LEE VON ERCK, JEFF GRACIK, ERNIE MARCKLE AND OTHERS. The pipe you make is yours to keep.
    Beginners are welcome, our faculty of professionals will make sure that you make a pipe that you will be proud to own!
    The pipe drilling/stem making class is limited to students who have completed the pipe finishing class in a previous year. This class includes a block and stem that you will drill and fit and a pre-drilled block that you will also finish. There will be a total of 12 students, of which 4 will also take the finishing class. Please note that you are not registered until payment is made.

    Please complete the following form and mail to Craig Cobine, 1567 Pine Lake Drive, Naperville, IL 60564. Make your check payable to “CPCC”. You may also email your registration to Craig Cobine at porshcigar@aol.com But you still must pay to complete your registration

    Pipe finishing class $125.00

    Pipe drilling class $175.00

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