November 19, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 8 to 8 cigar shop at 8pm.  Two new members where cheerfully admitted to the Club. Let’s all welcome Matthew Baker pf Roselle, IL. and Matt Glines of Volo, IL. Matt, I didn’t get your birth month for your annual birthday cigar from the Club.  Please email it to me at your convenience.  Welcome aboard, gentlemen. Chuck Martin gave a short Show report which reiterated that the coming Show is sold out with 9 on a waiting list. The St. Louis pipe show is scheduled for February 25th and 26th of 2017. Paul Bender gave a brief report on the recent West Coast pipe show in Las Vegas, NV at the beginning of November. There were over 100 tables with strong walk-in activity. The Saturday night show dinner was highlighted by Marty Pulvers giving a talk on the hobby. Mike Khalil gave an update on the current status of the forthcoming FDA regulations. These included no more sales of bulk tobacco where the customer simply selects how many ounces is wanted. Everything must be prepackaged in whatever quantities the manufacturer wants to sell. There were other changes covered in Mike’s talk that would take up a great deal of space here. Anyone interested can go to for a run down on the various pending rules scheduled to go into effect August 15th of 2017. On the bright side, there was a discussion on how the incoming administration in Washington D.C may very well be inclined to substantially mitigate the severity of the new regulations. One may hope.

The annual Iwan Riess trunk show at the shop at 19 South Wabash in the Chicago loop area is scheduled for Friday, December 2nd of this year. Also, for those who already are members of The North American Society of Pipe Collectors, or NASPC, and those who would like to become members and received their excellent magazine, The Pipe Collector, membership renewals and sign ups can be made through their website a Also, for out of town CPCC members, it’s renewal time also. Our out of state dues are $20, payable by check or money order made out to CPCC and mailed to me, Paul Bender, at 1005 E. Golfhurst Ave., Mount Prospect, IL. 60056-4322. Please do not make the check payable to me as I will only squander your money on cognac and pipe tobacco laced with large amounts of Syrian latakia. Please include your current contact information including address, telephone number and email address. If you do not want any contact information included in our online membership list, please state as much in a note with your renewal.

Here’s wishing all of our friends, members and fellow enthusiasts in the hobby a very happy Thanks Giving.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Bender-Acting President

Chicagoland Pipe Collectors Club