Grief Over the 2020 Chicago Pipe Show

Saturday, I realized that this was the day that the 2020 Chicago Pipe Show was supposed to start. As I started to think about this, I became bummed out over it. Several people on various pipe forums also were remarking on this. For many years, we have gathered at Pheasant Run on the first weekend in May. We have enjoyed the company of fellow pipe smokers, from all nations and backgrounds. We bought and sold pipes, tobacco, and other things. Everyone had a blast! Even our wives were happy! (“If our husbands are buying pipes, we should buy what we want! Let’s go shopping!”)

Then Pheasant Run announced they were closing. Chuck Martin, and a few others, worked countless hours to secure a new location. During this time, the Coronavirus threat became bigger and bigger. Ultimately, the new hotel announced that they were closing due to the virus. We were left with “Wait for next year!”

As I thought about this, I realized that we have been going through the five stages of grief:

  1. Denial – Pheasant Run can have their repairs done before May! We will be back!
  2. Anger – Why didn’t they tell us earlier?
  3. Bargaining – Can we get a new venue?
  4. Depression – Everything is shut down. I will never see the Grotto again. I cried over my pipe and now it won’t relight!
  5. Acceptance – We are way ahead on our plans for the 2021 Chicago Pipe Show! It’s going to be AWESOME! More details will be coming soon.

If anyone needs me, I will be in my garage, smoking some aged tobacco in one of my pipes from the slow smoke contest. I only have 11 & 3/4 months to practice for the next contest!

John Winton