February 23, 2019 Meeting Minutes

Meeting was opened 8 PM at Arlington Pipe & Cigar

Two sign in sheets were sent for birthdays as well as attendance.

Jack and Chris were new members for the meeting . 

Next two meetings will be at 8 to 8 March 23rd, April 27th

Chris from Arlington Pipe and Cigar went over what the new lounge will look like.

New Business:

Members asked if we could have our meetings at Arlington Pipe and Cigar. It was discussed  as to moving around more. Tim mentioned that he will be having monthly social smokes at Arlington Pipe and Cigar and there will be a free pipe give away.

There will also be another social smoke at Iwan Ries on July 27th. 
Ideas for social smokes IE tobacco swap and pipe give away.

Other new business:

Member offered to give discount for concealed carry permits training for all interested.

Representatives from Dev Cigars will be attending the after meeting.

Craig Cobaine has been ill. So we want to send good thoughts his way.

Several members visited Stem and Briar Pipe Shop in Oak Creek Wisconsin – Jamme was most courteous in showing us his shop and pipes. Great business with a great selection of pipes. 

Poul Ilsted’s pipes will be displayed at this year’s show. 

Paul, Aziz, Josh, Brian and Hasan’s birthdays  were celebrated. 

Old Business:

Offers were reviewed for club shirts and such.

Deadline for Master of Pipes nominations is March 15, 2019