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All, the show flyer, dinner registration and table registration have been updated for 2020!

Stolen Pipes!

Hi everyone,

Please review the document linked below. One of our fellow collectors and eBay sellers had several high grade pipes stolen. We would appreciate any help you could provide in locating these pipes. If you see them for sale anywhere, please reach out to the authorities mentioned in the document.

List of pipes stolen

Lars’ Final Pipe in the Silent Auction posted a wonderful blog entry about Lars Ivarsson and his annual attendance at the Chicago Pipe Show. Please be sure to read the tribute posted in the blog found here:

I won’t even attempt to write a piece as nice as the one they posted. Please be sure to check out this special pipe during this year’s silent auction on Saturday.

Broken Pipe – Michael W. Reschke

Broken Pipe

Michael W. Reschke, President of the Chicagoland Pipe Collectors Club, Doctor of Pipes, and Assistant Show Director of the Chicagoland International Pipe and Cigar Show. Mike died today after a battle with lung cancer that began last fall. Mike was the first CPCC President of the Club beginning July 1, 1998, and has been re-elected every year since (except July 1, 2005) including this year’s annual election for a term beginning July 1, 2016. Mike received the Doctor of Pipes Award, in the hobbyist category, at the Chicago Show in 2006. He served as Assistant Show Director from the first Show through this year’s 21 st Show. Mike was the epitome of the pipe smoking gentleman. He was a friend to all pipe smokers, and the best friend to many. He devoted many, many hours of his life to the pipe smoking and pipe collecting hobby. The CPCC and the Chicago Show will never be the same without Mike, and his wonderful smile and charming wit. We will always miss him.

The wake for Michael Reschke will be held at Steuerle Funeral Home, 350 S. Ardmore Ave., Villa Park, IL on Thursday, June 16th from 3 to 8 pm. The funeral will be on Friday, June 17th at 11 am. Please click the link above for details.


Doctor of Pipes Announcement

The Chicagoland Pipe Collectors club is proud to announce the election of the 2016 Doctor of Pipes:

Eugene Umberger (Hobby)

Chuck Stanion (Industry)

Both of these Gentleman ars highly qualified for this honor, and both will be a great addition to the CPCC Doctor of Pipes Program.

Father The Flame

On Friday, April 29th at the show, we are proud to announce that we will have the creators of an exciting video about pipes and pipe making, a presentation of FATHER THE FLAME, a 20 minute preview of the full length documentary. Father the Flame will be a feature-length documentary about slowing down, embracing life, and learning something in the process. It’s also about tobacco pipes.

It will delve into the modern world of the pipe culture, explore the historical journey of the tobacco pipe, and show the making of a pipe from harvesting briar in Italy, to a finished pipe made by a craftsman in a remote corner of upper Michigan. Through interviews, narration, and cinematic imagery, the film will explore the timeless and transcendent nature of pipes.

We hope to have the entire documentary at the 2017 show.

Showings at 2 P.M. and 4 P.M., followed by discussion and questions.

LOCATION: Pheasant Run “Mega Center”.

For further information see

Seminar: “Intro to tobacco blending or home blending 101”

During this day long course, you will sample component tobaccos, learn the basics of how a blend is made, learn how condimental tobaccos effect a blend, and create your own blends. Each participant will leave with at least 1 pound of blended tobacco, 6 clay pipes (or you can use your favorite smaller pipes for testing), and the knowledge to make that blend that you already love just a little better. The course will be led by Brian Levine of Sutliff Tobacco Co. and Per Georg Jensen of Mac Baren Tobacco Co. We are going to get “down and dirty” and smoke a lot!!!

COST: $35.00 per person

TIME: 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Thursday, April 28th in the “smoking tent”.


To make your reservation for this seminar, contact Tom Dinelli at

We would like our participants to pre-pay for this seminar. Payment information will be sent back to you via email if your reservation is accepted. Remember, we only have 32 slots open for this seminar!!

March 18,2016 Update on Pheasant Run Hotel Reservations

There are still SINGLE king rooms available (6) in the “Tower” at Pheasant Run. You can book these rooms using the following link.

The “COURTYARD” double rooms are also available, but require more work because Pheasant Run’s computer no longer recognizes them as a room type. To book these rooms guests MUST SPEAK DIRECTLY to the hotel by calling…

1 (800) 474-3772 OR 1 (630) 584-6300

You MUST ask for IN-HOUSE RESERVATIONS between the hours of 9 A.M. and 7 P.M. (central time), Monday-Saturday.

You can also e-mail IN-HOUSE RESERVATIONS at

New rooms added at Pheasant Run

The staff at Pheasant Run has informed us that they have added 15 more double bed rooms in the Courtyard “C” Wing. They have also indicated that as these rooms get full, that there is the possibility of adding even more rooms in the “C” Wing!!

However, you MUST reserve these rooms by calling Pheasant Run at the following phone numbers, the reservation link on our website WILL NOT WORK!!

1 (800) 474-3272 OR

1 (630) 584-6300

The first set of 15 rooms mentioned previously on this website were reserved in record time, so should you wish to stay at the Pheasant Run Resort property, DO NOT wait to reserve a room!!!