August 25, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 8pm.
There were 2 birthdays, Glen Baskins and John Winton.
Announcement of special social meet up to be held at Iwan Reis on Nov 10th from 1pm until close. There will not be any collection of dues but there will be a raffle for two $50 gift certificates. There will be an email sent out soon asking for drivers and how many people that they can take. Parking fees will be covered between the riders of each vehicle. Allan said the he’ll be one of the drivers with room for 3 maybe 4 additional members. It was explained how much Chuck Levi does for our show and that the club owes a visit to Chuck’s store as a thank you.
Judd Perlman spoke about the Columbus show saying that it was well attended and he himself had a great show.
New business was: Craig C, Allan B, Aziz P. , Chuck Martin and John W. all worked on updating the clubs By-Laws. Copies of the new By-Laws were handed out to all who were there. They are to read and be reviewed and the club will vote on excepting them at the September meeting.
It was announced that Herm H. was added as a board member to the Pipe show board.
One of our newer members Lucky asked for volunteers for a small focus group to give opinions on a pipe smokers bag that he and a friend are developing. He’s looking for comments to address to make it a better product for the pipe smoker.Lucky passed around a sign up sheet for anyone interested in participating in his focus group.
Bob P.  Thanked everyone who came to his meeting at the Havana Cigar shop in Waukegan. Bob also announced that he has gotten a new job in broadcasting and it will be a pipe and tobacco show, first starting as a pod cast with it transitioning onto the AM radio in the near future and will be based out of Fox Lake .We all wished him well in his new endeavors .
Jim Watts mentioned that his wife is making custom T-shirts and misc, other products.  He will bring in some club shirts as samples to the next meeting to see who would be interested and also getting comments of how the shirt might be laid out differently.
Mike T made a suggestion that members bring in pipe related items or tobacco for sale or trade to each meeting and make an announcement as to what they have brought.
Raffle winners were: Ralf W $90  Ron P. $45  and Terry ? $45
Meeting was adjourned at 8:50pm